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Nominet Price Increase Important Information


In November 2015, Nominet the official UK registry has announced that it will be increasing wholesale domain prices.

Nominet say:

‘We’re committed to running a first class service for .UK registrants, including our renowned customer service, and we’re doing more than  ever before to ensure the .UK space is a safe and trusted home for all.  But costs have risen considerably since we last changed the price,  and we need to compete in a promotion-driven industry.  We won’t compromise on the quality of our service or dial back our efforts to  counter cyber-threats head on.

However, it’s important to us that .UK domains represent value for money as well as quality, and the price we have set reflects that.’

This change will regrettably affect the amount that YNH Ltd is charged for registering a UK domain name and will affect all names ending in .uk.

This price change will be effective from 1st March 2016 and will be the first price increase by Nominet since 1999.

Unfortunately we have to pass this cost on and the new price will be as follows:

£9.50 per year plus VAT.

Thank you for your understanding.

Your Name Here Special Offers

We are currently running a couple of domain name special offers:

Free domain name with any Business or Premium Hosting Package.

free_domainFrom May 1st we will be offering a free domain name for 1 year with every Business or Premium Hosting package ordered.

Available domains on this offer are, .com, .net, .biz, .info, org and .eu ( will be registered for 2 years)

Details of the Business and Premium Hosting Packages can be found here.

Choose your domain name now on our Domain Registration page.

.mobi domain names less than half price!

For a limited time only our .mobi domain names will be available to register for £8. Previously the price was £17 so you can save a lot by buying your .mobi for just £8 for the first year.


.mobi domains are designed to help users find internet content that will work on their mobile phones. Internet browsing on mobile phones has become more and more popular and .mobi is the first and only top-level domain name that is dedicated to delivering the internet on mobile devices.

Having a .mobi domain for your website can help you improve your site ranking when the search is made on a mobile device.

To register your .mobi domain click here.

New Web Builder Price Reduction


Our new Site Builder software is an ideal way for small businesses to create professional looking websites. From 1st May the price of the Website Builder will be reduced to £39.95 (previously £49.95)

The price includes registration of a new domain name, plenty of webspace and email accounts, as well as the Web Builder software which enables you to design a fully operational website in minutes and you don’t need any web design experience. The design is already done for you.

A perfect all in one package for any business or personal website.

Please visit our Site Builder page for further details and to try the demo.

New Multi Year registrations for .uk domain names


From May 1st it will be possible to register a .uk domain name for anywhere between 1 and 10 years at a time. nominet_logo Nominet, who are the organisation that manages UK domain names have decided to give registrars the opportunity to offer a more flexible service.

Previously UK domain names could only be registered and renewed for a fixed 2 year period. The new changes for .uk registrations will fall in line with other domain names such as .com, where it has always been possible to register a domain name for upto 10 years.

You will also be able to renew your uk domain names at any point during the registration. At the moment you can only renew the domain 6 months prior to the expiry date. The new system will allow you to renew the domain name at any time, providing the renewal period does not exceed the 10 years.

The new periods will only be available to registrars like ourselves who are Nominet members. This will allow us to offer our customers the peace of mind of long term renewals, so you won’t need to worry about renewals or expiry so often. Renewing for a longer period also gives you the benefit of reduced prices.

Once this comes into place we will modify our registration systems to allow for the extended periods. Prices for the multi year periods will be added to our website shortly.

How to transfer your domain name

Depending on the domain extension there is a different process for transferring your domain name:

For any .uk domain namenominet

All UK domain names are registered through Nominet.
Each registrar of Nominet has their own ‘tag’ which allows them to directly register and manage the domain name on behalf of their customer. Our tag is ‘CHARD’ To transfer your domain name to us you need to contact your current domain host and ask them to change the tag on your domain name to CHARD.

For any Global TLD  – .COM, .NET, .ORG, .BIZ

If your domain is of global type (eg .com/.org/.net/.biz etc) then the process is slightly different.

  • Firstly you need to contact your current domain host and ask them to ‘unlock’ the domain name and to also provide you with an authorisation code.
  • Advise us once this is done and we will then request the transfer through our TLD registry which is Tucows Inc.   tucows
  • The domain registry will then send an automated email to the admin contact for the domain (you need to make sure the admin contact is a current working email address)
  • The admin contact then uses the authorisation code to confirm the transfer.
  • The domain transfer will then take upto 7 days to complete. Once it is completed the domain name will automatically renew for a further year.

Please note domains can not usually be transferred if registered within the last 60 days, or if they have gone past their expiry date.

Mailbox Quota Exceeded Warning

Just like your webspace and your bandwidth, it is important to keep track of how much of your mailbox quota you are using.  If you don’t you may be greeted with an email that looks like this:

“*Subject: **Quota exceeding warning*


Your mailbox quota was exceeded. All messages to your address will be
Please, free space in the mailbox or contact server administrator.

This message is automatically generated, please do not reply to it.”full_mailbox

The default mailbox size with us is 20MB. This is normally more than enough if you are downloading your emails on a regular basis, as this is usually enough for several hundred emails.

For any particularly busy mailbox, or any mailbox that regularly receives large attachments you should consider either upgrading the email account or redirecting the email to another address.

If you think that you have downloaded all your emails and you still receive the error message above, then you may be inadvertently keeping a copy of your emails on the server. To check this (using Outlook as an example) click on tools, then accounts, then highlight your account and click on properties, then advanced. In this section you will see the option to keep a copy of mail on the server. If this is ticked and you receive the error above then untick it, or set mail to be removed off the server after so many days.

To view how many emails you currently have on the server, you can login to our webmail service at the following address:

(just replace with your actual domain name)

Special Offers

Check out our current offers below:


As well as our normal Site Buider offer we are now pleased to announce that we can offer a 1 page Plesk Site Builder with every single domain registration. This is perfect for anybody who would like to have a ‘holding’ page with their company details on.

No design knowledge is required. Easily create your design in 5 simple steps. With over 500 design templates to choose from, it’s ideal for the small business user or personal website.

Click here for more information.

Plesk Site Builder Now Available

New Launch

We have recently introduced the Plesk Site Builder as an optional extra for all our hosting packages. For November and December we have a special introductory offer – Purchase any new Hosting Package and you will receive the Site Builder for free.plesk_site_builder

Plesk Sitebuilder includes an easy to use five-step wizard.  No Web Design or programming experience is necessary.

  1. Create the design of your website (choose from many free templates)
  2. Structure the website.
  3. Edit the content.
  4. Define parameters.
  5. Publish the Website

For full details please visit our Site Builder page.

Email Scam – Internet Trademark Intellectual Property Rights

There seems to be a new wave of this particular scam email, usually from the ‘Domain name registration center in Shanghai’ or the ‘Domain name registration organisation of Asia’ or similar.

The email will read something like:

—–Original Message—–
> *From:* fiona []
> *Sent:* 08 October 2009 08:34
> *To:*
> *Subject:* Re:Europeanarts-Intellectual property rights (To CEO)
> *Importance:* High
> Dear CEO,
> We are the domain name registration organization in Asia, which mainly
> deal with international company’s in Asia. We have something important
> need to confirm with your company.
> On Oct.7,2009, we received an application formally. One company named
> “Baldfiltering company” wanted to register the following domain names:
> and Internet Trademark:Europeanarts
> through our entity.
> After our initial examination, we found that the keyword and domain
> names applied for registration are as same as your company’s name and
> trademark. These days we are dealing with it. If you do not know this
> company, we doubt that they have other aims to buy these domain names.
> Now we have not finished the registration of Baldfiltering company
> yet, in order to deal with this issue better, Please contact us by
> telephone or email as soon as possible.
> Best Regards,
> Fiona
> **Auditing Department **

Do not be taken in by this, as it is nothing more than a misleading and dishonest marketing ploy.

They basically want you to contact them so they can explain the importance of you buying all those domain extensions from them.

If, for any reason you would like to buy the Hong Kong extension of your domain name that’s fine, but you should go through a trusted domain registration company.

The article in this link explains what happened when one domain owner replied. Notice the amounts they want to charge towards the bottom of the article. Also the many comments from other domain owners who have received similar emails.

Domain name renewals

Expired domains

If you do not renew your domain name in time, you run the risk of losing the domain and any associated website/emails will go offline. How long it takes to go offline depends on the domain extension and which registry it came from.,,,

All .uk domains names are registered through Nominet. When your domian name goes past its expiry date you are given 30 days grace before the domain is suspended. As soon as the domain is suspended, any emails and website you had set up will go offline. The domain name will be held in suspension for a further 60 days and will then be deleted, then it will publicly be available for re-registration. The domain is still renewable at the normal price anytime during this 90 day period.

.com, .net, .info, .biz, .org, .tv

There are stricter (and possibly costly) procedures for these domain names. If you have any one of these domains and you do not renew, your site and emails will go down the next day and your site will change to a generic click site which is the domain registry’s default page. At this stage it takes upto 24hrs to come back online after the renewal payment has been processed.

Redemption period

Depending on the registrar used, the domain renewal will still be allowed at the normal price for approximately 30 days after the expiry date.  Then it will be placed in a ‘redemption grace period’ during which time the domain owner would need to pay a redemption fee to release the domain before it can be renewed. The redemption fee can be upto $160 and is non refundable. This shows the importance of renewing your domain name on time.

Redemption fess do not apply to any .uk domain names.

Renewal reminders.

We will firstly send an automated email renewal reminder the month before your domain name/hosting package is due. e.g. Anything due for renewal in December, your first renewal reminder will be sent at the beginning of November to the billing email address we have on file for you, so it is important you keep your email address upto date.

We will follow up with a second reminder at the beginning of the month your account is due for renewal and a third to chase the renewal before the domain/hosting package goes past the expiry date.

Please note It is the clients responsibility to ensure any domain is renewed.
From time to time there are anomolies in any system which will result in you NOT being billed for a name. If you are not billed – we don’t get paid – we thus will NOT renew a domain name – it should ALWAYS be considered to be the clients responsibility to contact us and ask us to renew a domain name.

Free domain privacy option now available

domain-privacyHide your personal contact details from the general public.

Every time you register a domain name, your private contact details, such as your address and telephone number are publicly accessible in the online WHOIS database.

With our free Domain Privacy service you can protect your personal information from any other unwanted attention by replacing all of your private contact information with our own default details. Domain Privacy is available for .com, .net, .biz, .info and .org domain names.

Key Benefits

  • Protect against identity theft
  • Avoids telesales calls and junk postal mail
  • Protect your domain from email spam
  • Protect against fraudulent domain transfers

How to register a private domain

Registering a private domain is easy. Simply enable the ‘domain privacy’ option on the registration form once you have chosen your domain name.

What about .uk names?

The .uk domain registry, Nominet UK, provides a similar service known as “Whois Opt-out”. This service is only available to personal domain names, rather than business registrants and this will allow you to omit your address from the online Whois. When purchasing a new domain names from Your Name Here,  the Whois Opt-out can be enabled the same way, by clicking on the ‘domain privacy’ box.