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New Multi Year registrations for .uk domain names


From May 1st it will be possible to register a .uk domain name for anywhere between 1 and 10 years at a time. nominet_logo Nominet, who are the organisation that manages UK domain names have decided to give registrars the opportunity to offer a more flexible service.

Previously UK domain names could only be registered and renewed for a fixed 2 year period. The new changes for .uk registrations will fall in line with other domain names such as .com, where it has always been possible to register a domain name for upto 10 years.

You will also be able to renew your uk domain names at any point during the registration. At the moment you can only renew the domain 6 months prior to the expiry date. The new system will allow you to renew the domain name at any time, providing the renewal period does not exceed the 10 years.

The new periods will only be available to registrars like ourselves who are Nominet members. This will allow us to offer our customers the peace of mind of long term renewals, so you won’t need to worry about renewals or expiry so often. Renewing for a longer period also gives you the benefit of reduced prices.

Once this comes into place we will modify our registration systems to allow for the extended periods. Prices for the multi year periods will be added to our website shortly.