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Free domain privacy option now available

domain-privacyHide your personal contact details from the general public.

Every time you register a domain name, your private contact details, such as your address and telephone number are publicly accessible in the online WHOIS database.

With our free Domain Privacy service you can protect your personal information from any other unwanted attention by replacing all of your private contact information with our own default details. Domain Privacy is available for .com, .net, .biz, .info and .org domain names.

Key Benefits

  • Protect against identity theft
  • Avoids telesales calls and junk postal mail
  • Protect your domain from email spam
  • Protect against fraudulent domain transfers

How to register a private domain

Registering a private domain is easy. Simply enable the ‘domain privacy’ option on the registration form once you have chosen your domain name.

What about .uk names?

The .uk domain registry, Nominet UK, provides a similar service known as “Whois Opt-out”. This service is only available to personal domain names, rather than business registrants and this will allow you to omit your address from the online Whois. When purchasing a new domain names from Your Name Here,  the Whois Opt-out can be enabled the same way, by clicking on the ‘domain privacy’ box.