Mailbox Quota Exceeded Warning

Just like your webspace and your bandwidth, it is important to keep track of how much of your mailbox quota you are using.  If you don’t you may be greeted with an email that looks like this:

“*Subject: **Quota exceeding warning*


Your mailbox quota was exceeded. All messages to your address will be
Please, free space in the mailbox or contact server administrator.

This message is automatically generated, please do not reply to it.”full_mailbox

The default mailbox size with us is 20MB. This is normally more than enough if you are downloading your emails on a regular basis, as this is usually enough for several hundred emails.

For any particularly busy mailbox, or any mailbox that regularly receives large attachments you should consider either upgrading the email account or redirecting the email to another address.

If you think that you have downloaded all your emails and you still receive the error message above, then you may be inadvertently keeping a copy of your emails on the server. To check this (using Outlook as an example) click on tools, then accounts, then highlight your account and click on properties, then advanced. In this section you will see the option to keep a copy of mail on the server. If this is ticked and you receive the error above then untick it, or set mail to be removed off the server after so many days.

To view how many emails you currently have on the server, you can login to our webmail service at the following address:

(just replace with your actual domain name)

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