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Who are we and who works there?

Who are we?

Who works there?

Doug Smith – Boss/Godfather

One of two partners who started Your Name Here back in 1998.
Starting from our back room we soon reached sales figures of £25,000  per week (yes – per week).  A quick move was required as we took  staff on and over the years have worked in a number of locations.  Nowadays sales are much more modest and because I have such FANTASTIC staff I really have very little input. I’m so proud of the way they look after my business and let me pursue other interests.  I really do owe a huge debt of  gratitude to them.  Please people…when you’re dealing with Alison,  Craig or Christine just mention “Dougie really appreciates you”  (because I don’t tell them that enough).

I was born and bred in Lytham St Annes and started out as a Sales/Support Advisor in March 2000 and was promoted to Manager back in 2002 by Doug when he decided to open a hotel in Blackpool and take more of a back seat, he did deserve a break though he worked 24 hours some days and none of this would be here without him! (curtsy/bow) So I do a bit of everything really, sales, marketing, support and general server admin. My Blackberry is always on so if you have an emergency (obviously not a medical one) email me on and I will help.

Craig was born and bred in Blackpool and started in April 2006 when he decided on a career move to IT, he will help you with your sales/technical support queries by email and phone and won’t patronise you with technical talk, he also does general server admin and updates our blog with helpful tips on everything and anything, he has a great sense of humour and supports Manchester United which is either a good or a bad thing depending on your view.

Christine has been here since May 2005 and also has a great sense of humour and looks after all the sales ledger accounts and renewals. She also answers general queries on domains and hostings, she’ll send your invoices and receipts and remind you by email when your domain and hosting are due, so make sure your email address is up to date or you may miss it.. she’s from Yorkshire and keeps us in all check so it’s always a good idea to renew on time…

We work really well as a small team along with our sister company Best Designs which is also owned by Doug, they have designed many of our customer websites along with our own, some of you may have spoken to David who’s worked here since July 2001 and is a bit of a technical guru, he looks after the other web designers Danny and Jordan. Gillian is their Manager who is from Ayrshire and has worked here since 2001, she also manages Best Hotel which offers hotel advertising with a new booking engine coming soon!