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Problem sending emails from your domain, if you are a Sky Broadband customer

SURF – SPEAK – SEE (But not Send!)

When you’ve set up your emails for your own domain and you are setting up the account in Outlook you would normally use for your incoming mailserver and your outgoing mailserver would be the address of your Broadband provider’s SMTP server.

The SMTP address for Sky users is, but you cannot use this server to send emails from your domain name’s email address.

With almost all other Broadband providers you can use their SMTP server for your domain name, and it never used to be a problem with Sky but now you can only use if you want to send an email from your Sky address.

We can provide users with an alternative SMTP server if they are having issue sending through their Internet provider but this also does not work as it seems that Sky block and third party SMTP server for their customers. So this leaves users a bit stuck when they want to send out emails from their domain or website.

The solution is to use webmail. You can login to our own Webmail service at This will allow you to send and receive emails from your domain name regardless of who your Internet is with. Some people will find this a bit different from an email client such as Outlook or Thunderbird, but until Sky lift their current restrictions (if they ever do) then this would be the alternative.