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Competitor Pricing & Our Service

We’ve noticed many of the larger hosting companies will offer you large amounts of disk space which you either don’t need or will never use.

Many of these don’t offer Mysql databases on their small hosting which you will need if you want to use software like WordPress or Joomla or anything you want to install which requires a database.  So it may sound great but in reality it means you need to upgrade to the next package which will invariably cost you around £100 a year, so not so cheap afterall..

Through our experience over the years with our customers we feel our packages reflect the right amount of space and features which do include Mysql databases and we don’t charge the earth, starting at £21.25 plus VAT per year for 50Mb of space is really all you need for your personal or small business website, this can accommodate 20 plus pages depending on your content. Obviously we do larger hosting packages as well, have a look at these here:

We’re a small business and want to look after you, we’ve been looking after you since 1999 and you’re not just a number to us…and we don’t have a call centre.. we always answer the phone, in fact Christine will answer it so quickly it barely has chance to ring! Some customers leave us for the ‘big boys’ and discover they don’t look after them or ‘it’s not what they thought’ so they come back..they really do..

We don’t have an email ticket system, you email myself (Alison), Craig or Christine directly or contact us via the website which goes straight to our inbox. We won’t ignore you for 2 days or be in a queue like the larger companies (we know this from experience). We answer emails within the hour during office hours because we really are here to help you. Our servers are montitored 24/7 at the datacentres in the UK & US where we lease our servers.

If any of the services go down, a technician is notified and the service is restarted so we have it all covered and just thought you might like to know a bit more about how we do things, and it’s just worth seeing exactly what you’re getting for your money when you see those cheaper deals.