Service Status



Important Server Maintenance

We are upgrading the underlying software powering our servers.

To make this upgrade it will unfortunately cause a short downtime of up to 2 hours per server during a few overnight migration windows mentioned below:

Affected Servers:

Maintenance Windows:

5th July 22:00-06:00
6th July 22:00-06:00
7th July 22:00-06:00
8th July 22:00-06:00

Websites and emails will be down during this time whilst the update is performed.

Thank you very much for your patience during this essential maintenance work.



Domains with external DNS records on the YNH8 server are experiencing issues, we are resolving this urgently.

Many thanks for your patience.



Telephone Support may be unavailable at the moment, if you are unable to contact us by phone please email us at:

and we will reply to your request quickly as normal.

Many Thanks for your understanding.



Christmas and New Year Opening Times.

Our telephone lines will be closed from 12PM on Friday 21st December and re-open on Wednesday 2nd January.

Email support will be available throughout the festive season as normal.

We would like to wish all our customers a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


You may have issues sending email if you are hosted on our YNH6 server, this is being resolved as quickly as possible.

In the meantime you can send emails via the following address:

and login with your email address and corresponding password.

Many Thanks




An update to our name server over the weekend has caused some DNS issues with domains which have DNS records on separate servers, we apologise for any issues this may cause, if you are having any problems with your website or emails please email us at



The YNH6 server has been updated to Centos 7, if your website is written in code for PHP 5.3 you will

need to update this to work for versions PHP 5.4 and above. Please get in touch if you are having any issues.


The server issues are solved, if you are having any problems please email us at:

Many Thanks

30/06/2017 11.40AM

Some users may be unable to see their site or have intermittent emails issues, we are working on this now and hope to have this resolved shortly.


21/07/2016 – UPDATE

The power issues have now been resolved.


There is currently a power fault at London Telehouse which is disrupting a major part of the UK’s network infrastructure (as a whole, not only our servers).

Due to this issue, some ISPs can reach our network successfully, whilst others cannot. Network engineers are continuing to work on this issue to mitigate the impacts as much as possible.

However full resolution is likely to require power to be restored at the affected Telehouse site (Telehouse engineers are already on site working on this).


We will be performing scheduled maintenance on our servers overnight commencing at 23:00 Tuesday evening (28th June).

This essential work is required to enhance system stability, security, and performance.

Expected service impact:

     Up to 20 minutes downtime per server.

Essential kernel updates will be applied during this maintenance window, meaning that all servers will be power-cycled. You should expect up to 20 minutes downtime for all services.

Thank you for your patience during this essential maintenance work.


07/03/2016 15.46pm

The YNH5 server is now responding normally, thank you for your understanding.


07/03/2016 15.35pm

We are currently experiencing an issue with the YNH5 server, this will be functioning again very shortly.

Thank you for your patience.



Our phone lines will be closed from 24th December until 4th January, email support will be available throughout Christmas and New Year as normal, we wish all our customers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



No issues.



There is currently an issue with some domains hosted on the Plusmail servers, this is being worked on now.



We will be performing emergency maintenance on servers YNH2 & YNH8 tonight between 10pm and 5am, we expect downtime of 5-15 minutes per server.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.


Update 11.54am

The server is now functioning correctly and all websites and emails are back online, apologies for any inconvenience.

We are looking into an issue on the YNH1 server which is causing problems with websites and emails. Thank you for your patience.


Some customers may be experiencing email issues, we are working to correct this as soon as possible, thank you for your patience.


We are looking into issues on the YNH2 server which is affecting websites and emails, please bear with us while we try to resolve this.

Many Thanks


Update: 10.10am

We have resolved the issue on the YNH2 server, it may take an hour or so to update as their were problems with the DNS.

Many thanks for your patience with this.


If you are still having issues receiving emails or viewing your website, you can use Google’s DNS to speed up the process, please see the following article:

Then scroll down to Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X to configure this.