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Hello , i am Lauren. – EMAIL SCAM

You may have received the following email:

Sent: 14 December 2010 11:48
Subject: hi

I found your email in my friends list,
i think we talked some time at the one of social networks or not.
So i will remind you a little bit about me, i live in USA , Atlanta, GA.
I love to travel, visit new places, new countries. I am planning to visit UK once again,
that is why i am looking for friends here, it is always more interesting to travel
and to have good time together then alone.
So if you live in UK and you are single i will wait your email.
I am not interested in correspondence if you are married or have a girlfriend.

My e-mail is:

I hope to get your answer and of course i want to see your photo.
Have a good day

This is currently being broadcast on a massive scale and it is all over the Internet. They appear to be sending the spam through a different server each time they send an attack, and the email appears to be sent from your own address so it is proving difficult to block.