From £5 per year for extra mailboxes

Email Hosting

1 x 500MB mailbox free with each domain name.

Add extra mailboxes to your domain name or hosting package from as little as £5 per year for 500mb.

Webmail, POP3 and IMAP access for all your mailboxes.

SpamAssassin installed -- the #1 Open Source anti-spam platform.

Each Mailbox includes:

  • SpamAssassin Spam Protection
  • Set Your Spam Score
  • Add Blacklist / Whitelist
  • Email Aliases
  • Webmail, Calendar & Address Book
  • AutoResponders
  • Email Forwarding

Extra Mailboxes are charged at the following prices:

1 x 500MB Mailbox = £5 / year

1 x 1GB Mailbox = £10 / year

1 x 2GB Mailbox = £15 / year

1 x 5GB Mailbox = £45 / year

1 x 10GB Mailbox = £95 / year

From £5 per year for extra mailboxes

What is Wordpress?

WordPress is a free, Web-based software program that anyone can use to build and maintain a website or blog. It is the most widely used blogging software in use today. There are thousands of themes avaialable and just as many Plugins which add extra functionality to your site.

What is a Wordpress theme and where can I find one?

A Wordpress theme is a pre designed template which you can choose as the design and layout of your website. To find a theme you can start on the Wordpress site ( We will have several of the most popular themes pre installed for you, along with a theme of the month.

Which Plugins shall I use?

Again, we will have several of the 'must have' plugins pre installed for you. Other Plugins you may use would depend on what type of website or blog you have. The Wordpress site has a large selection to choose from, click here

How do I reset my Wordpress admin password?

  1. 1. In the Admin Panel menu, go to USERS
  2. 2. Click on 'Edit' under your username in the list.
  3. 3. In the Edit User screen, scroll down to the New Password section and type in a new password.
  4. 4. Click the UPDATE USER button to confirm

What do I do with Spam comments?

It is likely your posts will receive spam comments which are posted automatically in blogs websites by automated bots or scripts. In your Wordpress dashboard if you click on 'Settings' and then 'Discussion' you can set certain rules for accepting comments. Also using the 'Akismet' plugin will greatly reduce the amount of spam comments you receive.

What are Wordpress Widgets?

Widgets are similar to plugins but are designed as a useful tool for putting content on your website's sidebar. Most Wordpress themes support Widgets allowing you to easily 'drag and drop' the content you would like to show.

What is a Permalink?

A permalink is the link to an individual blog post, as well as categories and other lists of weblog postings. A permalink is what another website will use to link to your article, or how you might send a link to your story in an e-mail message. To choose your permalink structure click on 'Settings' and then 'Permalinks in your Wordpress dashboard.

What is a blog?

A blog is basically a website which is continually updated. New articles or 'Posts' are added chronologically and on an ongoing basis, and visitors to the blog can comment on your post or sign up to receive updates.

Is it hard to start a Blog?

Setting up a blog has always been relatively straight forward but with our new Wordpress Hosting Package we have made it particularly easy. Everything is done for you, upto the point where you just need to start adding your content.

Do you have to be a techie to maintain a blog?

Absolutely not. You need to know your way around the Wordpress dashboard but that is easy to learn. You will find a useful article on getting started with Wordpress here

Does it cost any money to set up a blog?

Other than the price of the hosting package there is no charges. The Wordpress software is completely free of charge.

Can I install blog software in existing hosting space?

Yes you can. Wordpress is just a selection of files that need to be uploaded to your webspace.

How often should I post to my blog?

There is no one answer to this. A good guideline is to post enough to keep your page fresh, but there is such a thing as overkill. You don't need to add a new post each day. A couple of posts each week would be a good start. Your readers will be more interested in quality rather than quantity.

How do I promote my blog?

Relevant quality content would be the first place to start, you want your readers to return to your site. Networking with other bloggers and using Social Media sites are also very useful. Then there's advertising, guest posting, submitting your site to blog directories etc. You'll find some excellent articles online for this subject.

Can I make money out of my blog?

You should never go into it expecting to make money from your blog, but it is certainly possible. Pay per click adverts on your site is a popular method. For this you would need to sign up to an advertising program such as Google Adsense. Using an affiliation program to sell other companies products is also popular. A good choice for this would be Amazon